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Joomla framework has a lot of great features, speed and modularity that attracts many – and for a reason.

If you are in need of Joomla web development services or Joomla website design services Blue Shark Solution is here to put you at ease as you have just found the perfect place for all that is Joomla.

Since Joomla's is based on modularity this means that there are many plugins that extend its functionality and offer you much more than what is found in the basic Joomla installation. This same modularity offers you to easily connect other elements onto your website even though they are built on its own and not related to Joomla, such as phpBB and vBulletin forums, Sugar, Sage and SAP CRM systems as well as many other popular systems.

If you would like to extend your phpBB forum into something much bigger, without losing everything you have done so far, our experts can connect for you the fresh installation of Joomla with your very own phpBB and all that you have to do is to continue using it as you have done so before.

Joomla Website Design & Development,Winnipeg

Our developers can create all sorts of Joomla designs and turn them into a reality for you as soon as you find a design that matches what you are looking for. Another thing that you can expect from them is to create it following the Joomla code structure and making it safe and fast!

As you see Blue Shark Solution can and will bring you everything that you need to have in order to have your Joomla experience a great one. We will be with you from any point in the project to the very last step and walk you through it. If you need someone to help you solve Joomla issues or if you want to change the way it looks, extend the possibilities or just make sure that everything is in the perfect order, we are here.

With our developers having many years of experience with the Joomla framework and the Joomla website design services, you can rest assured that your website will look astonishing. Once you combine that with our web development services it will not only look amazing, it will seems as if it is trying to fly off from your server to the visitors browser! Make sure that you contact us today and start with your Joomla experience with the right team of people!

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