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Facilitate donations between people and/or different organizations with the aim of solidarity and development all over the world.

Overview & Challenges

WOSODE facilitates donations between people and/or different organizations as quickly as possible with reduced related costs. They lacked a custom platform to track and manage their daily transactions. Plus, the organisation used a manual system like an excel file to manage donations made outside of WOSODE platform. Their current structure made it challenging for them to handle transactions at a pace without a flaw.

In a short time, we needed to:

  • Specify and analyze our client’s requirements to define product objectives
  • Implement a complete product design, including UX design solutions for compelling and clear data visualizations
  • Create a segmentation tool to separate online focus groups based on business needs
  • Сarry out competitor analysis to get deep insights on the product
  • Develop a fully functional platform that offers quick access to an active global audience that’s open to make online payments
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    Curating Enriched Mobile

    Developed an all-inclusive web application with compelling visual encounters for fast and easy accessibility to business operations.

    How We Helped
    When WOSODE approached us for a web solution, they had a specific objective to shift their traffic from external sources to their own platform. We created a responsive website and a slick progressive web application (PWA) with appealing UI and a smooth user experience.
    The Impact
    The tailored website and PWA solution made it easy for WOSODE to view and manage the daily transactions from smartphone or desktop. It eliminated the hassle of managing transactions manually and saved a significant amount of time and effort.
    PWA Technology
    for Better Success
    Delivered a modern-tech solution by developing a custom progressive web app for accelerated performance and reliable communication.

    A comprehensive
    guide to design systems

    Our next step was to build a design system - a single source of truth for all the elements that will allow our designers to design, realize and develop a product. It evolved continuously with our product as we received more and more feedback.
    Primary Palette
    Typography Proxima Nova Family
    Extended Palette

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