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Blue Shark Solution offers you the best and the most reliable Character design and animation, Rotoscopy and liquid simulation in Winnipeg area.

The animation industry has developed itself a lot by using the advance science and latest technology. We keep the satisfaction of the client at the top priority.

Character Design and Animation

We know the importance of good character design therefore offer you the best Character design services in Winnipeg. We at Blue Shark Solution, use the latest computer animation technology for our project. It plays a crucial role in giving an effective look to the game and propelling its sales.

As the creative team of Blue Shark Solution, we majorly focus on the production of high-end character animation that is quite fruitful for advertising houses; cartoon animated series and documentary producers. This will be of great help in the creation of huge franchises for the game. The character animation made by our experts is just timeless.


Rotoscopy is famous world-wide. This technology is of great use for the animation industry. It is one of the major sources that are used for adding visual effects. The amazing technology of Rotoscopy basically cleaves the background of the image and replaces it with another one spontaneously. For making the process easier, the genius brains working with us use various softwares that are exclusively designed to perform Rotoscopy.

Liquid Simulation

When it comes to animation designing, liquid simulation technology is having its own significance. This technology has been regarded as the efficient free open source tool for graphic designing that makes it look much more real and practical.

Liquid simulation is the best method for animating and modelling liquids. We offer a 3D environment to the design. It helps a lot in making the animation more interactive and interesting for the viewers. They are quite helpful in improving the quality of the physics based animation. Our professionals utilise all these tools in a very effective way to offer our clients the best animation projects.

Our company Blue Shark Solution in Winnipeg utilises the Rotoscopy and Liquid simulation technology for giving the painting touch-up, for doing 3D motion tracking, and for generation of Matte.

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