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There are many different technologies that we use in our daily tasks here at Blue Shark Solution and some of them seem to us like they are our native language and we will list those here.

PHP Web Development Services
If you are in a need for PHP web development services you are in the right place as our team of PHP experts are constantly looking for something new and challenging to work.

Technology PHP, Joomla, Megento, WordPress Web Development

WordPress web development services
WordPress is created on top of PHP framework, but it brings so many of its own functionality that expands and helps build better code that looks nice and presentable. Some of our PHP developers have for that reason decided to take on WordPress and you can say that at this time they are living WordPress, not only coding WordPress code.

Magento Ecommerce Development
Magento is world's leading eCommerce solution and we felt that we should have Magento experts working for us at Blue Shark Solution. We had luck and managed to find just the right, that knew what they were doing and knew to do it right bringing us experts that can do anything on Magento platform, just waiting for a new challenge.

Joomla Framework
Make sure that you hire the experts to do your Joomla projects and you will see what that means for you and your business! Our experts extend this CMS in a short time with a great code!

Flash Animation
Looking for some flashy ads or attractions on your website or apps? Our designers can create all sorts of high quality flash based animations for you in a very short time.

CakePHP Framework
There are many reasons why you want to use frameworks for your PHP code and no matter if you are starting out or you already have other code, our experts can take over for you and make it run fast, be safe and work as you like it!

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